Travel And Experience Reality Gold Mining


Gold is a celestial element created by a divine event known as a supernova. A supernova is simply an exploding sun that emits more energy in a single burst than our sun will produce in its lifetime. Byproducts of this event are new suns (ours) and an enrichment of universal elements such as gold.

A Real Gold Mining Company

Alaska Mines Corporation is a production mining company in search of this divine relic and has achieved a position of respect and admiration for the ability to survive and profit as a mining company.

The Company was formed three years ago after funding a four year engineering approach that lacked sustainability. A new business approach was implemented with an alignment of mining interests including real gold miners with empirical knowledge and business people with financial acumen. Mining crews and various production plants were put in place and raised private funds to escalate gold production over the last three years to almost a millions dollars in last year's 45 days of production.

The Company conquered a myriad of logistical challenges. Alaska Mines Corporation has emerged into a well-respected and sought after mining company in and around Nome Alaska.

Contrary to what you see on reality TV shows, this company is the genuine article, forged from determination and good old fashioned American ingenuity. In today's economy gold mining offers one of the only opportunities for Americans to achieve financial freedom. Gold mining creates real tangible wealth in America, by Americans.

As a Company, we endure extreme hardships not easily overcome in the remote wilderness. We employ miners made of grit, who thrive on these challenging conditions and persevere to achieve our goals. They have gold mining in their heart and soul!

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