Travel And Experience Reality Gold Mining

Nome Gold Adventures, Inc.

A member Corporation dedicated to enlightening the public in the art of mining gold and recovery of other precious commodities.

Nome Gold Adventures, Inc. is an Oregon Corporation founded on the principal that mining in general was undoubtedly the first real profession that distinguished human beings from other living creatures. It is the foundation of our existence and is pervasive in all facets of life as we know it. It has a great history of providing wealth to build great nations such as ours.

In recent years, mining has been portrayed as a necessary evil with negative environmental issues and operated by nonsensical miners as dramatized on reality television.

It is the intention of Nome Gold Adventures, Inc. to provide a platform to integrate into public knowledge an understanding of real mining operations that reflect the true nature of modern trials, successes and failures in mining as it has evolved over the centuries. It is an art form that few have mastered but many think is easy. Involvement in real mining will develop a better appreciation of this ancient profession and a more realistic sense of the difficulty in striking it rich as a gold miner.

Nome Gold Adventures, Inc. has developed a plan for getting people involved in real mining issues that include the following:

A membership organization of sharing mining information as it evolves (see
A chance to own real gold straight from the mines at a substantial discount (see
Trips to production gold mining camps to mingle with real mining crews and witness actual gold recovery.
A buying and selling network for gold and other precious stones at a competitive price.
Going public issues to provide financing for small mining operations. A real mine that actually produces a product is a rare commodity among the trading platforms of today. A real mine is something worth building on and the public has responded to this fact.

The US economy is also in turmoil with daily reports of the weakening US dollar and other countries hoarding gold for the purpose of putting the US dollar out of business - not likely. However, an economy based on gold such as a commodities bank is of interest to Nome Gold Adventures, Inc. and a feasibility study has begun to understand the potential for just such a bank in Nome Alaska.

There are many interesting realities that will be shared with our members including reclamation potential (such as using mushroom mycelium) to start a new flora cover where the ice is rapidly melting and things are certainly changing. There are many other examples of possible mining plays and developments that relate to mining.

All things of interest will be shared with our members. Gold ownership is also available as a member and we will purchase back any gold sold making investing in raw gold easy and hopefully profitable. Possible stock plays will also be discussed as well as our expert's opinion on where gold and the economy might provide some profit for a paper miner.

Consider being a member of Nome Gold Adventures, Inc. and run with us in the land of the midnight sun. It is a well-informed organization that believes gold is the future for preserving our economy and our way of life. Paper money is rapidly being challenged in value with overspending and no real value to support a takeover by another world currency. Gold will always have value anywhere in the world. Join our quest to preserve our heritage and promote a return to the gold standard.





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