Travel And Experience Reality Gold Mining

Would you like to run your hands through pounds of virgin gold worth hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Want to feel the weight of a gold nugget rarer than diamonds?

Want to live the life of a real gold miner?

Come run with us in the remote regions of Alaska. Experience firsthand what real gold mining is like at our base camp fifty miles northeast of Nome. Travel to our main production camp elsewhere on the Seward Peninsula for visions of gold flowing from the sluice boxes. Meet and mingle with the characters of real gold miners. These are hardworking individuals that endure long hours in remote isolated places in harsh environments they enjoy. They possess a rare sense in finding and recovering gold and have some wonderful stories - language might be a bit colorful. With their help you will become a gold miner and learn the art of panning and sluicing. Any gold you mine, you keep!

Visit Nome and the gold dredgers of TV fame. Experience the majesty of the Seward Peninsula where fate made men rich and not. Lots to see, lots to learn about the past, present and future. This territory is full of intrigue and has exciting future possibilities not generally known by the public. The Nome area is like a nugget in the rough - a sleeper that is about ready to be found. Find it with us!

Nome Gold Adventures, Inc.

Presents a Life Experience in Nome and the Gold Fields of Alaska
(Experience your Heritage)

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