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Getting Started
Seven Day Itinerary

What's happening?
What to bring?

o The Adventure! "The Rush is On!"

o Checklist - getting started

o Anchorage - meeting your fellow gold seekers
"Friday gathering in Alaska"

o Nome - two hour flight via Kotzebue
"Hello Nome"

o Sherette Creek or Bust - Friday midnight
"Hello Sherette Creek"

o Saturday - Thursday
"Six day Itinerary"

o Checklist - what and not to bring

Nome Gold Adventures, Inc.

in association with
Alaska Mines Corporation
presents a seven day itinerary to Alaska
What to Bring?

The Adventure

Expectations - Expect the unexpected. This is Alaska ("TIA"). It is a place that anything can happen and is in constant turmoil with expectation. In arriving in Nome, you will sense a flashback in history of something like 50 years mixed with futuristic tourists from Russian and European cruise ships coming through the North Sea - yes the ice is melting. There is also a blend of greenhorn gold miners testing their "I can do it better" skills and a myriad of movie people capturing their moments of success and failure. Then, last but not least, are the real gold miners.

A real gold miner is always dirty, generally quiet, quick to smile, very helpful, and has a unique quality of independence that glows in their presence. This adventure will give you a taste of this quality and memories of belonging to a breed of adventurers that are different than most.

So bring your "expect nothing and everything attitude" and let's go.

The Rush is On!

Checklist - getting started

Upon booking the adventure, you will be getting a call from an officer of Nome Gold Adventures, Inc. who will answer your questions and provide specific information on your situation. You will need to provide transportation to Anchorage Alaska and we can help with that through our travel agency (transportation to and from Anchorage will be at your cost).

If you have special needs (diet, allergies, medication) they will be highlighted in your dossier. You will need a cell phone so we can hook up in Anchorage and find you in Nome.

You will be getting another checkup call from our corporate officer a day before departure and will discuss how the weather is looking for the flight and coming week. It is possible the flight from Anchorage to Nome could be cancelled and an extended stay in Anchorage may result in a day or two delay. Make sure your carryon has an overnight change of everything you will need to survive a couple of days in Anchorage - in that case we might go fishing or take a scenic train trip north (could be fun). This delay does happen several times a year due to weather conditions in Nome. Remember, expect the unexpected - TIA.

Alaska - meeting your fellow gold seekers

Two "Nome Gold Adventure" specialists will meet you in Anchorage and be with you the entire trip including the trip back to Anchorage. These are the "unexpected" decision makers. Expect them to be concerned about your safety and making sure this experience is unforgettable. We will know when your flight is expected to arrive and will meet you at your arrival gate and then convene with the others at a designated place. If you have arrived early or had a flight change, call us to hook up by other means. In any case we will find you.

We will convene by 3:00pm (one hour setback from Pacific Time) on Friday and have time to get acquainted, have a nice meal, a few drinks and about 5:00pm head for the departure gate that will open a portal in time to the gold fields in Nome and the vast gold territory of northwestern Alaska.

The Adventure Begins!

Nome - two hour flight via Kotzebue

Usually, weather permitting, we will board an Alaskan Airline flight to Nome about 5:00pm. This flight takes us just to the south of Mount Denali so we will try and book seats on the starboard side of the aircraft. Even in cloudy conditions the mountain is visible with some wonderful opportunities for pictures. A handy camera would be useful at this time.

The most interesting observation on this leg of the trip is the character of the passengers - true Alaskans at their best. A composite of natives, miners, engineers, government types, and us. It is an interesting flight with very friendly and polite passengers. There will also be a stop (if weather permits) at Kotzebue.

Kotzebue is just north of the Seward Peninsula (where Nome is) and just above the Arctic Circle (the land of the midnight sun). If you are going on to Nome, you are not allowed to leave the aircraft or even step out on the steps (for taking pictures). Nevertheless, it is an interesting place and the short layover allows a little time to mingle.

Next stop (30 minutes or so) is Nome Alaska. About 8:30pm (same time zone as Anchorage) we will depart the aircraft in Nome - probably the richest city in the world with millions in gold still lying under the buildings and streets. It has been said that gravel and sand displaced during construction has a tendency to disappear in the dim light of early morning - gold seeking UFO's perhaps? In any case, make sure you have a warm jacket as the temperature is unpredictable from minute to minute in Nome.

Nome typically has a population of 4,000 and grows tremendously after the ice melts when the dredgers, engineers, movie makers, and tourists show up. It is interesting to note that gold miners blend in with the indigenous population and after a few days in the wilderness, you also will blend in with the population.

Upon arrival at Nome airport, you will be greeted by staff who will assist in loading your luggage, then we will head straight to the mining camp - Sherette Creek.

Hi and Goodbye Nome - Hello Sherette Creek, or Bust

About 9:00pm we are off to the north. Lots of things to see with a mix of obsolete cold war radar towers, century old ditch lines, fireweed, bluebells, wildlife, and your imagination of what it was like for the souls a hundred years ago searching for gold.

The sun is also heading north with us. It actually does a circle in sky and will tip below the horizon (due north) for a few hours (depending on the time of year). It will be low on the horizon giving a golden hew to the surrounding area. This should be an exciting time and it will get better when we transfer from road transportation to track vehicles for the eight mile journey to the base camp at Sherette Creek.

Assuming we survive the last eight miles to Sherette Creek, including crossing two rivers and mud bogs that could swallow a D9 cat, the camp staff will have a hot meal ready and introduce you to your accommodations. You should sleep well this night. It has been a long day.

So Ends Friday

Welcome to Gold Country!


Hot breakfast and a chance to look around. This is real mining camp, a very functional facility capable of surviving very harsh winters and providing the means to fix most mining problems. After orientation and breakfast it is important that we have a safety meeting. This might take a little time and an MSHA (Mining Safety and Health Act) document verifying that you have been informed of the safety requirements will need to be signed by all. Alaska Mines Corporation is adamant in their requirement that MSHA rules are followed and safety around camp be enforced. Most of the strict safety regulations apply to the mine site itself which is a ways from camp although it is always a good idea to be careful everywhere in camp.

The rest of the day will be spent getting acquainted with ATV's, the mine site, surrounding area and things to do. It should be a restful day following our Friday rush to the gold fields.


Hot breakfast and planning the day. We will begin instructions on panning for gold. High banking (sluicing) will be demonstrated for those of you just stepping into this environment. It will not take long before you are finding your own gold - if you mine it, you keep it. We will provide all that is needed to make you an expert in short order - the rest is up to you. Gold panning and small sluice activity is always available (24 hours a day).

Also you may view the screen plant being operated by MSHA approved gold miners and assist in the gold room cleanup. Get a feel for real gold. The small recovery plant usually recovers about 2 ounces of gold an hour.

Search for copper nuggets, garnets and rubies in the black sands taken from the recovery plant.

Hot lunch and dinner including desert will be served in the cook shed. Snacks are always available.

It should be noted that at the conclusion of this day, you will be well oriented to the camp and security concerns. The next two days are open for your enjoyment. We will be providing additional activities but your choices as to where and what you would like to do are yours - subject to approval from staff if you wish to leave the camp area.


Hot breakfast and time for exploration. ATV's will provide transportation to Iron Peak and the mother lode region. Iron Peak is just to the south of camp and has an old abandoned copper and silver mine (no entrance allowed) that is indicative of the mineralization in this area. The geology is quite interesting and mining possibilities are always intriguing for finding the mother lode.

Also hunt for old artifacts, try your hand at metal detecting, enjoy the majestic scenery and observe the flora and fauna in the area. The fauna include a variety of birds, arctic fox, muskoxen, moose, wolves, grizzly bears, reindeer and mosquitoes to name a few. We will be providing mosquito repellant. However, bring your own if you have something you prefer. Bear spray will also be carried by everyone. Fishing for salmon is dependent on timing of the salmon runs but grayling are always available. An expedition to Iron creek might yield a grayling supper.

We will all gather Monday evening for a hot meal and discussions on possible Tuesday activities.


A general activities day, your choice. Might include a second excursion to Iron Peak or fishing at the river. Might also head east to Auburn Creek and look for artifacts and gold. Maybe just staying in camp and gold mining might be the thing to do. Also, the Sherette Creek crew should be cleaning up the sluice from the screen plant. Gold will be abundant in this process and is worth seeing. This should be a relaxed day free for choosing your last day at Sherette Creek. At this time, you should be a little dirtier, rougher and should appear to be a real gold miner when walking the streets of Nome.

This is also the day we will make a decision to spend one more night at Sherette Creek or leave that evening for Nome and visit the front lines at Alaska Mines Corporation's main plant and crew the next day. This decision will depend on where the main plant and crew are mining. If they are within fifty miles of Sherette Creek we will leave the next morning. More than fifty miles we will leave Tuesday evening and spend the night in Nome with an early start on Wednesday morning.


Somewhere on the Seward Peninsula we will have a hot breakfast and anticipate later that day watching a real gold mining company work as they should for profit and dreams of gold filled sluice boxes. We will take a scenic trip and enjoy the majesty of Alaska. There is so much history in this area it is hard to believe that more than a century ago railroads were being built, more than 85 bucket dredges were working at the same time, miles and miles of water ditches were constructed to bring water to mining areas, and thousands of people got rich at less than $20 an ounce for gold. Wyatt Earp also got rich here mining the gold miners.

The Alaska Mines' crew is the best, extremely hard working and here for the duration of the mining season. They are always glad to see new faces and happy to tell how things are going both good and bad. We will time our visit when they shut down for a cleanup. A cleanup is when we get to see how they have done over the last couple of days when the gold is taken from the sluice box. This is an amazing time for anyone interested in gold. The gold just boils out of the riffles in a warm glow of wealth reflecting the hard work gone into finding it. It is a satisfying and exhilarating moment for all witnesses. If you are interested in buying some of this gold, this can be arranged.

Wednesday night we will be back in Nome and have a nice dinner and walk the streets as a real mining crew. Welcome to our heritage.


A day of transition back to modern reality and after an early morning breakfast we will board the Alaskan Airlines jet to Anchorage. Depending on weather again, it is not known whether we will be going back to Kotzebue or straight to Anchorage. We will try and seat everyone on the port side of the aircraft this time, as Mt. Denali is worth seeing.

We will arrive in Anchorage in time for lunch, a few drinks, and sharing of information. Nome Gold Adventures, Inc. will be contacting other mining companies for more reality and heritage adventures in the future and will strive to make them more and more interesting and unforgettable as we trek to the unknown. Thank you for your consideration and involvement in our real life gold mining adventure.

A checklist for items you might need follows


Baggage - Baggage regulations, weight and fees are determined and controlled by the airlines and are subject to change. We will let you know what the airlines will charge for baggage prior to departure. The extra charge will be at your expense. It takes at least one bag plus a carry-on for this trip. All airlines will charge a fee for bags. weighing over 50 pounds. Some airlines will charge one fee for the first bag and additional fee for second bag, etc.

Baggage identification tags suggestion - Other travelers may have the same and/or similar look as your bags. Besides the I.D. tag (do not put your home address on this tag), add special identification like a ribbon, sticker, etc. This is helpful especially in route if you have to retrieve your baggage between airline flight changes.

Identification - You must carry legal proof of identification. The airlines will not accept your ticket and allow you to board the aircraft if your name is not identical to your driver's license, or other form of legal identification.

Medical and/or accident insurance card.

Facilities - We do provide most of these things but it might be a good idea to bring them if you wish.

Bedding - bunks are different and some are of plywood.

Sleeping bag - 4-pound insulated for cold weather

Pillow - important if you have allergies.

Blanket - we have blankets but a good idea anyway.

Air mattress or foam pad - twin size. Do not bring double or queen size.

Clothing - Temperatures range from 25 to 70-plus degrees, so bring appropriate clothing and sufficient changes for the length of your stay. Washers and dryers are available in camp.

Light jacket and heavy jacket - rain suit (with pants) and hat - good quality is recommended

Rubber-coated work gloves. Thermal underwear

Heavy socks, cap or hat, ski cap, scarf, ear warmers

Hiking or camping boots, rubber boots, boggs or mucks recommended.

Personal items - Remember baggage weight. Bring only what you think you will use. Small travel sizes are recommended.

Personal toiletries (toothbrush and paste, soap, floss, shampoo, comb, deodorant, razor, finger nail clipper, etc.)

Bath towel-large, washcloth, travel mirror, sewing kit

Travel money


Camera, extra batteries, extra cards

Flashlight - small

Travel clock


Small/pocket note pad, stationary, stamps, pencil, pen etc.

Personal medical - The camp is MSHA approved for medical equipment and supplies and the staff carry their current "Standard First Aid" certification from the American Red Cross. There are no doctors in our mining camps. Helicopter evacuation will transport medical emergencies to Nome. Nome has a very large and well equipped hospital.

Personal medication - good to have a list and spare prescriptions for all medication. Also know your blood type and prescription allergies

Personal first-aid kit

Personal cough/pain (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.)/allergy medications

Antacids/anti-diarrhea medications

Suntan lotion

Disinfectant soap, hand sanitizer, Handi-Wipes (great for quick, non-shower cleanup)

Insect repellent lotions with DEET are recommended

Night shades for sleeping - sleeping is difficult with sunlight most of the day and night

Personal items (optional) - remember baggage weight restrictions.

Personal snacks

Magazines, books, games, hobbies, etc.


Mosquito head nets

Goggles for riding ATV's

Leather gloves for riding ATV's

Computer for communications and movies while traveling

Hand and toe warmers


Cell phone (required) - cellular service is limited in Nome. Camp office will have satellite phone for urgent matters

Laptop computers - satellite internet is available at camp

Fishing gear - have poles in camp. Reels, line and lures if you have a special blend that might be in season. Lures with bright pink or orange colors seem to work best

Pocketknife or hunting knife with sheath - cannot carry on plane, must be in baggage

Firearms - bring no firearms! All firepower will be provided. Anyone, other than security, will have to be approved by the staff prior to carrying a loaded firearm.


Personal tool kit - travel size

Leatherman style pocket tool kit - for in the field repairs

Backpack, tote, etc.

Waterproof matches, regular matches or lighter - cannot carry on plane, must be in baggage

Bungee cords - good quality, multi uses

Metal detector - for traveling, dismantle to fit in baggage. Not recommended for carry on

Musical instruments - Good for evening entertainment

Fishing poles - May not have a use for them, but you might

Magic tricks - great for making those nuggets disappear

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