Travel And Experience Reality Gold Mining

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring you the
"Adventure of A Lifetime! "
A real "gold miners" experience

Alaska Mines Corporation privately owns 8.5 miles of Sherette Creek located about 45 miles northeast of Nome. Over the last seven years, the mining camp has been taking shape.

This is a remote camp on rugged terrain. There are housing cabins with heat and power that accommodate 2-4 people, containers and a kitchen/dining hall. Shower, laundry facilities and out houses available. This camp is rustic...the "REAL DEAL!" You will live like our miners do during your stay. There are ATV's available and a metal detector on site. All tools and equipment for your mining experience will be provided.

Satellite internet, satellite phone and emergency medical airlift service is available.

Depending on the week you schedule your trip, you may see the northern lights ( Arora Borealis ), pick wild Alaska huckleberries, fish for grayling or salmon, and have many unique photographic opportunities. Also enjoy bird watching, wildlife, rock hounding, metal detecting and the ample opportunity to pan/sluice/high bank for GOLD!! You will have gold to take home. No one leaves Nome without it!

Your trip will include home cooked meals made for a gold miner's appetite. Our cook has an intuitive flare for coming up with just what you crave with 3 hot meals a day, desserts, cookies, pies, muffins, homemade bread. Hot coffee is available 24 hours. Bring back the berries you pick and enjoy a freshly made huckleberry pie with huckleberry pancakes for breakfast! Be prepared to share your pancakes with our camp mascot the arctic fox named "Dog" that frequents the cook shed.

There will probably be some bad weather including rain, snow, and wind - one of our seasoned miners said that Sherette Creek is the only place in all of Alaska that he has seen the wind blow the water out of the sluice box. We mine in all kinds of weather so bring your boots, rain gear, and sunglasses.

Expect to run your hands through pounds of gold, toss a few nuggets around, and sense the exhilaration of accomplishment with your fellow miners. Kind of like being on the winning team in the superbowl - in our case the "superpan".

Our Cook, Jacqui holding 20+pounds of gold - about $250,000.

Security will be provided as Volkswagen size grizzly bears and moose are interested in new blood in the area-not to worry, mosquitoes will drain most it in a few hours!

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